How It Works

RSA Bots takes your name, public key, or whatever data you provide, and generates random bits with it using PBKDF2. Using these bits, it randomly selects arms, legs, torsos, heads, and other robotic parts to generate a unique robot for the data you provide. There are currently 2^35 possible robots, which is enough for everybody on the planet to have several bots to their name.

Note: 35 bits of entropy isn't enough to be considered “cryptographically secure” on its own. It is entirely feasible to find collisions between the bots, so I wouldn't recommend using these bots for anything important. Or do. I'm a website, not a cop.


These robot images are distributed under a Creative Commons License (CC Attribution 4.0). The source code for this site is MIT Licensed.

About Me

Hi, I'm Chris de la Iglesia. I'm a software engineer currently working on software solutions powered by cryptography, and I thought this would be a fun little side project in the meantime. See more at